Just My Thoughts #3: Lazy


It is so easy to get into a rut. The path becomes a cycle, and my subconscious puts up bars that make it hard to escape. The only way out is to parkour out hell’s circle, and into an emptiness, where new things are learnt, things are done, and experiences to be had all fill up that space… before I move onto the next piece of dry land.

Just as any problem, first part is to Realize Your Condition. I see my problem with open eyes, which takes us to step two: Finding Motivation.

Most people know they are just going through the motions, but many are content with how things are. For people like me, i need to explore to live. My motivation is knowing about all the things i have yet to learn, and the thought of discovering things I don’t know I don’t know. Once you find your motivation, comes the most difficult part: Getting Off Your Ass and Do It.

For me? Stop lying in bed and start working out again. Stop wasting my time with tv series and start learning Korean seriously. Stop spending my weekends doing absolutely nothing and go hiking and exploring. My trip to Japan has now come to an end (travel blog will be up soon). The moment it ends, everything I’ve said will come into effect, and I hope all of you will keep me accountable for the promises I am making to myself.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath


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