Travel Blog #5 – JAPAN!


Of the many islands, Japan has got to be one of my favourites. There are many things I love about this country: food, people, history, landscape and food (I know food was put down twice). But each time I go, I discover another thing I love about this glorious city. This time, it was the drinking culture.

This trip included 2 days in Osaka, followed by a wonderful 3-4 hour bullet train ride to Tokyo, where my friend and I stayed for another 4 days. What a fabulous trip it was. In short, it was a trip to meet an old friend, make new ones, and to stuff my face full of delicious foods. Unfortunately, I am not a very good writer, but I consider myself an adequate photographer, so here are some of the reasons why you should go to Japan, in order of awesomeness.

First up is the drinking.

IMG_6407IMG_6399 IMG_6403



 Now here comes the food!

IMG_6355 IMG_6275 IMG_6273 IMG_6269IMG_5888





Sightseeing should now finish off the job.

IMG_6410 IMG_6394 IMG_6378 IMG_6368IMG_6374  IMG_6310 IMG_6280IMG_6292  IMG_6254 IMG_6131IMG_6245 IMG_6133IMG_6178  IMG_6179 IMG_6203IMG_6161    IMG_5943IMG_6110 IMG_6031 IMG_6116IMG_5971  IMG_5931 IMG_5883

However, I should say this. As much as I love Japan, There is no bloody way I would want to ever live there. Strict work environments would be enough to snap me in half. This is why I am so happy to be living in Korea; have all the fun, and only a fraction of the responsibilities.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath


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