Travel Blog #7 – Dogapsa Temple.


A historic, and cultural haven, a temple stay at Dogapsa Temple (도갑사) in Yeongam (about a 50 minute bus ride from Gwangju, plus another 10-15 minute ride in a taxi) was both what I needed, and didn’t know I wanted.


I am not a religious person by any means, but I do have a deep fascination with Buddhism, with it being one of the oldest religions (or perhaps the oldest), and the concepts it embodies. This stay taught me a lot about the praying ritual, the history of Buddha, and the daily practices of a buddhist monk.

Before going (and after) to the temple, there was this wonderful coffee shop my friend brought me to. I love shops that are well designed, and this place definitely wins all my votes.

IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6648 IMG_6788

Most people know how rare it is to find decent coffee in Korea!

There is something you should know about this temple. At this temple specifically (might be the only one!), is a great brother/sister combo. The sister is one of the monks that is in charge of the temple stay, while the brother is the temple stay manager. Being incredibly nice and such wonderful people would have been enough, but their grasp on the English language really puts this stay over the top. They were one of the many highlights of this trip. (there weren’t any bad memories at all haha!)

The day consisted of praying, meditation, and a tour of the surrounding area, which obviously includes the temple itself. The meals were all vegetarian (Korean vegetarian is quite good!), and tea service with dried radish tea was an absolute delight.

IMG_6759IMG_6767 IMG_6765IMG_6775

There is something magical about meditating in a place, where no cars are driving past, and that you can hear the river rushing, the wind blowing, the birds singing, and the leafs shuffling. I am certainly not someone who meditates daily (or at all), but this experience just might change me. I don’t think I have ever been this relaxed. No timetables, no rushing, no deadlines.


Remember to take off your shoes outside whenever you go into any room/temple!

Anyways, here are the rest of the pictures. I really recommend everyone to go. It is worth the trip to Yeongam.

IMG_6712 IMG_6699 IMG_6743 IMG_6742

The nights are incredible. It is pitch black, and well, who doesn’t like a blanket of stars?

IMG_6721 IMG_6680 IMG_6679 IMG_6675 IMG_6667 IMG_6663 IMG_6659 Families praying for their families and friends.

Oh, did I not mention? There was also a group of elementary school kid that stayed with us. I made a few new friends (친구), who might be the most adorable friends I have.

IMG_6783IMG_6784At the end of this temple stay, you are given a postcard, to write to anyone you want (including yourself), and they will send it 1 months-1 year later.

And with everything I did this weekend, and all the memories I received, the one thing that stood out to me, was how much I smiled, and laughed in those 24 hours.


Protecting the life in the earth, air, wind, and hell.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath


One thought on “Travel Blog #7 – Dogapsa Temple.”

  1. How interesting. How long did you stay for? Fantastic pictures too! I’m blogging about Bali ATM if you fancy checking it out.


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