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Just My Thoughts #3: Lazy


It is so easy to get into a rut. The path becomes a cycle, and my subconscious puts up bars that make it hard to escape. The only way out is to parkour out hell’s circle, and into an emptiness, where new things are learnt, things are done, and experiences to be had all fill up that space… before I move onto the next piece of dry land.

Just as any problem, first part is to Realize Your Condition. I see my problem with open eyes, which takes us to step two: Finding Motivation.

Most people know they are just going through the motions, but many are content with how things are. For people like me, i need to explore to live. My motivation is knowing about all the things i have yet to learn, and the thought of discovering things I don’t know I don’t know. Once you find your motivation, comes the most difficult part: Getting Off Your Ass and Do It.

For me? Stop lying in bed and start working out again. Stop wasting my time with tv series and start learning Korean seriously. Stop spending my weekends doing absolutely nothing and go hiking and exploring. My trip to Japan has now come to an end (travel blog will be up soon). The moment it ends, everything I’ve said will come into effect, and I hope all of you will keep me accountable for the promises I am making to myself.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath


Just My Thoughts #2: Age

“How old are you?”

“I only date people in their 30’s.”

“you are in your 20’s. What would you possibly have to contribute?”

Age seems to run deep with people. It affects many of our decisions, and rightly so. However, it seems to be used in the wrong context every time, and boy, it irks me so.

Case 1: People often compare maturity with age. It seems that the general public think the two have a very strong correlation. Age is simply a measure of time, and the measurement of time is simply a man made invention. Maturity, on the other hand, is the knowledge of how to function has part of a society, and your contributions to such a society. This is not dictated by time, but rather the level of comprehension of each individual. Of course, it does take time to build such cognition skills, but the time varies so widely between every individual. Just as many mature adults I’ve seen, so have I witnessed in a child, and vice versa.

Case 2: Cheese and wine is better with age. I agree. Time to move on.

Case 3: For the western society, it seems dating someone within your age is very important. To date someone outside of your age bracket often earns the title of “pedophile” or “cougar”. We somehow made ourselves believe that love, and similar emotions are only appropriate if they are between people of a similar age group. With all evidence pointing otherwise, people still seem to think that age is the only determinant of a person’s emotional capacity. On the other side of the coin, eastern society tends to have a much larger age range suitable for dating. It seems that when you hit the special age of 30, your life being magically stable, your ability to be interesting increases, and you become better looking with absolutely no effort. Another thing.  Why do people go around shaming those who date people outside of what you consider an acceptable age group? why can’t people forget the gap in years, and focus on whether you enjoy that person’s company instead?

All I am trying to say, is that before you look at someone with judgemental eyes and ears, give them a piece of your time and open mind. You never know, they just might be brilliant, or someone with useful advice, or even perhaps the person you would want to spend a lifetime with. Age is simply a man-made invention. It should dictate a person’s capacity and potential as much as a vacuum, or toilet paper would.



Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath

Just My Thoughts #1: Time

A month has disappeared since I first landed in South Korea.


I know that when we do something we don’t like, time will seem to drag on. On the other hand, time flies by as soon as we engage in something we enjoy. I must be really enjoying my time then. =)

However, I prefer to think of time as if I’m driving in a tunnel. As I drive, everything seems to go by really fast. It does not matter whether it interests me or not because our focus is only on the one thing.  As I glance at the cars going the other way, everything seems to pass by unnaturally quickly, and things disappear off into the distance as if it barely existed. As I imagine reaching the end of the tunnel, it seems a long way away and that we will never get there.

Time is a major reason as to why I take photographs. It records my past, and gives me definitive proof that this exact moment, really did exist. It will fool me in thinking that everything I have done seem just a little less distant.

20140522_125507 copy

And that, makes me feel at peace.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath