Just My Thoughts #1: Time

A month has disappeared since I first landed in South Korea.


I know that when we do something we don’t like, time will seem to drag on. On the other hand, time flies by as soon as we engage in something we enjoy. I must be really enjoying my time then. =)

However, I prefer to think of time as if I’m driving in a tunnel. As I drive, everything seems to go by really fast. It does not matter whether it interests me or not because our focus is only on the one thing.  As I glance at the cars going the other way, everything seems to pass by unnaturally quickly, and things disappear off into the distance as if it barely existed. As I imagine reaching the end of the tunnel, it seems a long way away and that we will never get there.

Time is a major reason as to why I take photographs. It records my past, and gives me definitive proof that this exact moment, really did exist. It will fool me in thinking that everything I have done seem just a little less distant.

20140522_125507 copy

And that, makes me feel at peace.

Until next time,

Richard T.

Trainee Polymath


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